D5840 GSE Team Make Aussie News

Some scans of news articles about the Texas District 5840 Team in Australian newspapers (PDFs)


Bendigo Advertiser


Riverine Herald

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District Governor Ivan MacKay Arrested in Adelaide

Adelaide, South Australia – In a shocking turn of events, District Governor Ivan MacKay was arrested in Adelaide during the Rotary International 9800 District Conference. Facing charges of “general buffoonery” and “consumption of red wine at addictive levels”, MacKay was apprehended by Victoria Police Sergeant Paul Bertoncello in front of the general assembly.

Officer Bertoncello read MacKay his rights and issued the citation prior to the arrest. No further comment or information about the nature of this multi-jurisdictional Victoria/South Australia bust has been released.

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2011 Rotary District 9800 Conference – Adelaide

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Named for the area’s Aboriginal name meaning “Valley of the Winds”, Puckapunyal houses the Australian Army’s Combined Arms Training Center, Land Warfare Development Center, School of Armor, the School of Artillery and the ADF’s (Australian Defense Force) Small Arms Training Section.


WO1 Westhead (equivalent to a US Sergeant Major) gave me a tour to the post’s School of Armor and Small Arms Armory. I received a complete run down of the ADF’s training procedures on small arms (including Live Fire exercises 1-12 on the F88, F89, MAG58 and MkIII) and their competition shooting program, to include AASAM (Australian Army Skill At Arms Meeting) National Championships and the course book with 110 (!!!) courses of fire.


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Galli Estate Winery and Cellar Door

Established in 1997 the Galli Estate is northwest of Melbourne and features 105,000 vines along with a a state of the art winery and restaurant. The region offers a generally cool climate with a relatively cool and dry growing season. The Rockbank area is best known for its Shiraz and other grapes such as Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and Sauvignon Blanc grow well there as well.

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Sovereign Hill

Sovereign Hill is an open air museum depicting Ballarat’s first ten years after the discovery of gold there in 1851. Set in the Australian during the 1850 gold rush, the complex hosts a few scores of historically recreated buildings with costumed staff and antiques, artwork, books and papers, machinery, livestock and animals, carriages and devices all appropriate to the era. Several working shops make the souvenirs sold on site.


That night we saw Blood on the Southern Cross, a dramatization of the Eureka Rebellion, the battle between gold miners and Government forces at Ballarat on 3 December, 1854.



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Australian Slang

Like England, Australia and America are nations separated by a common language. Here are common Aussie terms and slang not encountered in the States



What do you do for a crust? (What’s your profession/job)

Chockers (full)

Chunder (vomit)

Larrikinism/Larrikin (mockery of authority and disregard for rigid societal norms. Can also be associated with self-deprecating humor.)

W.A. (West Australia)

Footie Club (football team, especially Australian-rules Football)

Tradie (someone who works trades, such as a plumber or carpenter)

Sparkie (electrician)

Bikie Club (motorcycle gang)

Brekky (breakfast)

Vic Po (Policeman in the state of Victoria)

Flash Freddie (show a badge)

Crownie (Crown Lager beer, a popular brand)

VB (Victoria Bitters, another popular beer)

Shout (round of drinks, as in “Next shout is on me.”)

Glossies (Brochures)

Boot (trunk of an automobile, as in “Put your luggage in the boot.”)

Tilt at (attempt something, as in “I’ll have a tilt at that.”)

Jumper (Sweater)

Car park (parking space)

Long Black (cup of coffee)

Short Black (demitasse of espresso coffee)

Flat White (espresso mixed with milk)

Snags (sausages)

Ambos (ambulance, specifically EMT personnel in the ambulance)

Salvos (Salvation Army)

Philistines (unsavory character unable to follow proper social norms or appreciate nice things. Perhaps not technically Aussie slang, but few in the States ever use this.)


Utes (popular utility vehicle, similar to an El Camino in design. Imagine a sedan merged with a quarter ton pick up)


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